The Stämpfli Foundation presents 21 recent paintings by Peter Stämpfli

The exhibition ‘Vibrances’ shows acrylics in black on white by the Swiss artist, accompanied by a display of 30 works by artists from the collection The Stämpfli Foundation presents 21 recent works by Peter Stämpfli, made in acrylic paint and never seen before in Catalonia, such works configure the exhibition Vibrances, which opens on Saturday


Two large-format installations by Peter Stämpfli presented for the first time in Catalonia

‘Mon Exposition’ features some twenty works from the late 20th century The Stämpfli Foundation is exhibiting two late 20th century installations by Peter Stämpfli, on display for the first time in Catalonia. Under the title Mon Exposition, the exhibition features some twenty pieces, most of them large-format, together with a new presentation of a selection


We think about the future

A year ago, the world stopped in its tracks without us being ready for the vastness of such an event. Schools, factories, offices and, of course, museums, were closed. Twelve months have passed since those critical moments and we have left too many people along the way, but we are starting to see the end


The Stämpfli Foundation finalizes its project and opens its expanded facilities

A selection from the general collection and a journey through Peter Stämpfli’s career welcome this new phase The Stämpfli Foundation christens its new facilities with a fresh selection from its collection and an exhibition of 25 works by Peter Stämpfli, the Swiss artist who, along with his wife, Anna Maria, has carried out the ambitious