The Stämpfli Foundation opens a second exhibition with 35 pieces from its collection

The show makes it possible to take a tour of the institutions’ collected works

The Stämpfli Foundation – Contemporary Art Museum is offering a new tour of its collection. On display until next spring at this center, fueled by Pere and Anna Maria Stämpfli, are 35 works from its collection, most of which have never been exhibited in the Foundation’s facilities, opened in April 2011.

Following the exhibition Erró. The Planetary Eye, that occupied two of its three rooms for almost six months, the Stämpfli Foundation once again displays a part of its collection, which is made up of more than eighty works by sixty international artists. The Erró exhibition was the very first individual show organized by the Foundation and the results were very satisfactory, placing this brilliant center on Catalonia’s artistic map alongside other contemporary art museums created recently through foundations and private initiatives.

With this new exhibition, on display in rooms 2 and 3 are works that had never been shown in these facilities (although some were on display at the first show at the Miramar Building in spring of 2010).

This second selection, like the first one presented in April 2011, has been curated by Serge Lemoine, professor emeritus at the Sorbonne University in Paris and former director of the Orsay Museum in the same city. In this new tour of the Stämpfli Foundation’s collection, Lemoine has included 23 works, distributed between rooms 2 (lower level) and 3 (Can Mec outbuilding). Room 1 (the old fish market’s main floor) contains the same initial exhibition with twelve works, which were also there permanently during the Erró. The Planetary Eye exhibition, along with the Icelandic artist’s works.

The works displayed in the facility’s rooms 2 and 3 present a dialogue between disfigured figures, structure, material, rhythm, movement, writing and images. Serge Lemoine has analyzed the compatibility between works with different expressions and tendencies to achieve their integration in the two renovated rooms.

The Stämpfli Foundation opens, during the winter months, on Friday from 15:30 to 19:00; Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00 and 15:30 to 19:00, and Sunday from 11.00 to 15:00.

The new layout of the works displayed at the Stämpfli Foundation – Contemporary Art Museum makes it possible to include artists with well-known international careers in contemporary art, like Ladislas Kijno and Robert Combas (with a joint piece), Joel-Peter Witkin, Marc Desgrandchamps, Rafael Canogar, Sato Satoru, Michael Warren, Tom Carr, Daniel Dezeuze, Claire-Jeanne Jézéquel, Olivier Mosset, Jan Voss, Pavlos, Daniel Humair, Takis, Pol Bury, Carlos Cruz-Díez, Miguel Chevalier, Kim Tschang Yeul, Philippe Cazal, Pierre Tilman, Jean Le Gac, Pierre Buraglio and Markus Raetz.

These new artists have been added to the eleven in room 1, whose works were already on display: Eduardo Arroyo, Gianni Bertini, Henri Cueco, Erró, Gérard Fromanfer, Peter Klasen, Jacques Monory, Bernard Rancillac, Antonio Recalcati, Antonio Seguí and Pere Stämpfli.

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