We think about the future

A year ago, the world stopped in its tracks without us being ready for the vastness of such an event. Schools, factories, offices and, of course, museums, were closed. Twelve months have passed since those critical moments and we have left too many people along the way, but we are starting to see the end


The Stämpfli Foundation finalizes its project and opens its expanded facilities

A selection from the general collection and a journey through Peter Stämpfli’s career welcome this new phase The Stämpfli Foundation christens its new facilities with a fresh selection from its collection and an exhibition of 25 works by Peter Stämpfli, the Swiss artist who, along with his wife, Anna Maria, has carried out the ambitious


The Stämpfli Foundation receives the works that extend its collection

These are 25 pieces that will be exhibited in the new halls won with the extension The facilities of the Stämpfli Foundation have received today 25 works that expand their collection and will be exhibited in the three rooms won with the new enlargement. These are pieces, above all, by Pere Stämpfli, but also by


The Stämpfli Foundation presents the expansion of its facilities

The new facilities of the Stämpfli Foundation are ready. Last Saturday, the couple formed by Pere and Anna Maria offered an open session to show the result of the work of enlargement, which allowed to move from the 300 square meters that had so far, to the 800 square meters now, which has won with


The new Stämpfli Foundation is ready

The facilities of the Stämpfli Foundation will pass from the current 300 square meters to more than 800, thanks to the incorporation of a new building, which allows it to gain dimensions, expand the exhibition spaces and provide more visibility to its collection, that exceeds one hundred works. The expansion will allow us to move