Two large-format installations by Peter Stämpfli presented for the first time in Catalonia

‘Mon Exposition’ features some twenty works from the late 20th century

The Stämpfli Foundation is exhibiting two late 20th century installations by Peter Stämpfli, on display for the first time in Catalonia. Under the title Mon Exposition, the exhibition features some twenty pieces, most of them large-format, together with a new presentation of a selection from the collection.

Mon exposition, by Peter Stämpfli is the first exhibition at the Stämpfli Foundation since the facilities were expanded in the spring of 2019. The exhibition is divided into two rooms (Rooms 1 and 3), featuring Stämpfli’s large-scale canvases and, in addition, are complemented by a new vision of the collection’s works on display (in Room 2). Rooms A, B and C – located in the new building that was added to the Foundation three years ago – present Peter Stämpfli’s works grouped into three stages of his artistic career.

Room 1: Five Colors. Invited to exhibit in the great entrance hall of the Palais des Congrès auditorium in Paris in 1998, Peter Stämpfli specially created five 3 x 3 m works in acrylic paint. For the first time since that year, these works are now presented in Sitges in a new installation where color and tire treads explore new possibilities of his single topic: the tire. The works all following the same visual language: red, pink, white, green and yellow.

Room 3: The stained-glass windows of Cordeliers. In 1988, the City Hall of Châteauroux, in France, invited Peter Stämpfli to hold a personal exhibition in the 13th century Gothic abbey nave of the Cistercian Cordeliers Convent. He made seven line studies in India ink and the seven cut-out gouaches on paper and glued to a 280 x 125 cm canvas, which are on display in this room.

These works are now presented at the Foundation, accompanied by the studies that the artist did to create them. In addition, the room also contains a large photograph of the exterior of the Cordeliers Convent with the openings of the side windows, during the 1988 exhibition.

Room 2: A new selection of the Foundation’s collection. Room 2: A new selection of the Foundation’s collection. From the 1960s to the early 21st century, artists have constantly pushed the boundaries of thematic exploration and the development of all kinds of techniques.

The 17 works on display are meant to challenge visitors to discover the confrontational or complementary aspects between them. The artists that make up this selection are: Pierrette Bloch, Mark Bruse, Tom Carr, Philippe Cazal, Carlos Cruz-Díez, Marco Del Re, François Dufrêne, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Jean-Michel Meurice, Olivier Mosset, Jean-Michel Sanejouand, Antonio Seguí, Pierre Tilman, Gérard Titus-Carmel, Kim Tschang-Yeul, Vladimir Velickovic and Jacques Villeglé.