Pierrette Bloch

Biographical Data

Born in Paris in 1928. She lives and works in Paris and in Bages, in the Aude. Pierrette Bloch studies law and liberal arts in Paris. She is trained in Jean Souverbie’s (1947), Andre Lhote’s (1948) and Henri Goetz’s (1949) studios. Her first individual exhibition takes place in 1951. Her work is abstract and minimalist.

Brief Chronology

Between 1950 and 1965, Pierrette Bloch paints abstract canvases which follow a rhythm of lines and loops. Since 1958, she works with India ink on paper, in 1973 this develops into black ink dots and, in 1976, black ink on black paper. In 1977, the dot develops towards a curving and looping line and, afterwards, in 1992, towards horsehair, material she chooses because of its precariousness and, still after, in 1994, towards “paper lines” (dots and lines of India ink). Since 1953 she works with collages and, since 1971 she renews them by adding torn or cut up India ink drawings. In 1973 she starts “sewing” her pieces. She sews crocheted meshes on thin felt cloth. More collections will follow this one, made up with hemp mesh, string, horsehair, either painted and sewn on different supports or else hung from stalks, glass pieces or nylon strings fixed on the wall (Grande maille de crin, 1981; Boules, 1988). Her drawings are accompanied by written pieces, also poetic, centered on the idea of time.




Sans titre, 2004, Ink on paper,

75 x 57 cm / 29,5 x 22,4 in.