Tom Carr

Biographical Data

Born in Tarragona in 1956. He lives and works in Sant Quirze del Vallès. Tom Carr studies Fine Arts in the University of Barcelona. His first individual exhibition takes place in 1981. He teaches in the Massana, school of art and design in Barcelona.

Brief Chronology

In one of his early periods, Tom Carr creates minimalist installations with cloth, nets, and pieces of wood. He works with shadow and light, anamorphosis and projects slides on facades, in interior spaces or on objects (Naturaleza muerta, 1984). After 1983 he evolves toward three dimensional sculpture, questioning its relationship with space, architecture, the notion of balance and perspective. He uses stone, most of the times painted, to create monumental pieces which recall staircases, towers, walls, arches… (Entrada, port of Tarragona, 1989). In the 90’s, he uses preferably metal, either polished or painted, and creates sculptures based on simple geometric shapes (circles, cylinders, polygons, spirals, etc.) On request, he intervenes in public spaces: Seed and Helix (La Défense, Paris, 1995-2004); Cylindre (Jardins del Camp Nou, Barcelona, 1992); Peep-Wheel (Madrid, 2004); Harmonia i tros d’espai (Cassà de la Selva, 2007). He also uses pieces that look like abstract fragments of his sculptures and installs them on walls with the purpose of creating large wall-paintings in three dimensions (Fragments series), he also makes sculptures with painted wood (Yo, 2001).



Sin Titulo, 1988, Painted wood, 109 x 25 x 82 cm / 42,9 x 9,8 x 32,2 in.


Wall Fragment (1989), wood, 27 x 8 x 27 cm / 10,6 x 3,1 x 10,6 in