Daniel Dezeuze

Biographical Data

Born in Alès, France, in 1942. He lives and works in Sète, France. Daniel Dezeuze studies in the École des Beaux-Arts in Montpellier (1959-1962). His first individual exhibition takes place in 1963. In 1970 he becomes one of the founding members of the Support-Surface group and participates in the magazine Peinture, Cahiers théoriques. Daniel Dezeuze is also the author of numerous poetry books and art texts (Textes, entretiens, poèmes, 1967-2008)

Brief Chronology

In 1967, Daniel Dezeuze starts exhibiting naked frames, without canvas; they are not hung and are sometimes painted, dyed or covered with a plastic film. He begins to reflect on the idea of emptiness and space, of the deconstruction of pictorial illusionism. At the same time he creates pieces made of cut up painted tarlatan (1973-1983), and later begins making collages using gauze, adhesive tape, tar, felt, etc. He next begins creating sculptures out of burnt wood, cut to pieces and painted, and he makes assemblages out of different objects (Armes de poing et de jet series, 1985-1991). Between 1995 and 2000 he creates non-figurative paintings based on different geometric shapes (squares, rectangles, rhombi) set on wooden or polyethylene lattices (Nefs, Pavillons, Panneaux extensibles series). His sculpture Confidence is placed in the Tuileries Gardens in Paris (2000) and he has decorated four rooms of the Hôtel de Sully in Paris (2000-2001). In 1976 he also starts working in a series of drawings using chalk, pastel or lead on paper; he sees these drawings as “a compensation, somehow, of a painted wish”. He creates geometric drawings (Collimateurs series), later followed by a more abstract tendency, “expressive explosions” (La vie amoureuse des plantes, 1993).




Charnières du temps, 1997, Glicerophtalic paint on wood, 170 x 102 cm / 66,9 x 40,1 in.