Richard Di Rosa

Biographical Data

Born in Sète, France, in 1963. He lives and works in Paris. Richard di Rosa, surnamed Buddy, studies piano and drums at the Sète Conservatory and, together with Robert Combas and Ketty Brindel, forms the rock group Les Démodés. In 1982 he goes to Paris where his brother, the painter Hervé di Rosa, lives, and gaves volume to his figures. In this period Buddy is part of the Figuration Libre movement; his first exhibition takes place in 1982. In 1986 he creates, with his brother, the Dirosarl, an enterprise conceived to produce applied art objects “created for everyday life”. In 1990 they start selling their products in their Parisian gallery-store “L’Art Modeste”, later they exhibit them in the Musée International d’Art Modeste (MIAM), founded in Sète in 2000.

Brief Chronology

At the beginning of his career, Buddy di Rosa works with his brother in the creation of installations: Ils arrivent tous par Air, Terre, Mer (1984).
They create the Renés, characters that will become comic heroes. For Dirosarl he works with shells, he designs metal-colored vases, a bestiary, different characters and furniture. In 1993 he works in sculptures inspired in musicians (Les Beatles; Bird). Later on, he invents object-machines, strange beings with prominent eyes and mouths (Dodo bronze, 2007). He wants to make “real art, beautiful art, art for people. Art for everybody, inexpensive sensations that speak of priceless and valuable things”.



Cactus jaune, 2005, Polyester, 110 x 45 x 35 cm / 43,3 x 17,7 x 13,7 in.