Jean Le Gac

Biographical Data

Born in Tamaris, France, in 1936. He lives and works in Paris. Between 1955 and 1959 Jean le Gac studies Art in Paris. His first individual exhibition takes place in 1970. At the end of the 60’s he begins presenting the adventures of his doubles, “through photography and text”. In 1972 he participates in Kassel’s Documenta in the section Mythologies individuelles.

Brief Chronology

In the beginning, Jean le Gac works with mail art (1969-1973). Later, he traces portraits that question the painter’s status: the drawing teacher, the Painter –the Sunday Painter or the Other– he, myself, Florent Max, Roger Nérac or Ange Glacé; their pictures taken in almost any place, in the city, taking a walk, travelling around the world. The diary of this painter, a fiction –like that of an alter ego– is typewritten and added to the phptographies. He says: “I’ve learned that if I’m capable of inspiring a fiction, then my existence will be proved.” In 1980 he begins painting and drawing with charcoal and pastel; he works on murals in which his character lives new adventures. To his narrative strategies he adds children books, comics, childhood scenes, a camera, a typewriter, a cinema projector, etc. In the 90’s, scenes of the painter’s life are presented through movies (In Mémoriam, 1999), videos (Le Peintre prisonnier, 1992), large color photos (Le peintre à cheval, 1999), pastel (Délassements du peintre series) or mixing different techniques. He designs sets for movies and ballets (Façade de Régine Chopinot,1993) and works on public commissions (Office in the Élysée Palace, 1985 or meeting room of the French parliament, 1990).



Fragment 13, 1990, ixed technique, photo and 11 manuscripts, 116 x 163 cm / 45,6 x 64,1 in.