Michael Warren

Biographical Data

Born in 1950 in Gorey, Ireland. He lives and works in his hometown. Michael Warren studies at the Bath Academy of Art (1969-1970), at Trinity College in Dublin (1970-1971) and at the Brera Academy in Milan (1971-1975). His sculpture is close to minimalism, to Paul Klee and the power of suggestion, to an association of the abstract form.

Brief Chronology

In the 70’s, Michael Warren creates bronze sculptures with geometric forms (De-creation collection). In 1978 he begins working almost exclusively with wood, sometimes with steel rivets; to him “sculpture is an expression of matter, the same matter that makes up the world and that is subject to the tensions of existence and randomness”. He works on huge oak, chestnut, and tropical tree beams; he joins them, fits them together, finds their equilibrium, their point of support, he wants to test the limits of each material. During the 90’s he works on more complex pieces; in these sculptures, wood, often burned, is joined with cement and steel. He also creates marble sculptures, stars, that call for meditation (Elegy to light; Thassos, Greece, 1992; Amor Fati, Taiwan, 2003). He installs his monumental sculptures all around the globe, usually inserted in nature; his pieces seek to echo this nature, become part of it, borrow its shapes. Warren also takes into account the history of each of his settings. He answers many public and private commissions; Countermovement (Go Deo, Homage to Samuel Beckett, Trinity College, Dublin, 2003), Timber construction for Plano (Illinois, 1984); Journey Island (Madrid, 1990); A full moon in March (Japan, 1992), El Arado y las estrellas (Quito, Ecuador, 1998).




Stele X, 1995, Wood, ELM, 193,5 x 31 x 25,5 cm / 76,1 x 12,2 x 10,0 in.