Daniel Pommereulle

Biographical Data

French artist, poet, comedian and filmmaker, born in 1937 in Sceaux and died in 2003 in Paris. His first personal exhibition was held in 1962. Daniel Pommereulle mainly dedicated himself to the creation of combinations of objects made from different poor and ordinary materials. In 1966 he participated in Alain Jouffroy’s exhibition Les Objecteurs. In 1975, the National Contemporary Art Center in Paris hosted his first exhibition in a public institution, entitled Fin de Siècle. Daniel Pommereulle participated as an actor in numerous films by Jean Luc Godard, Philippe Garrel, François Truffaut (featuring La mariée était en noir) and Eric Rohmer, specifically La collectionneuse, where he plays himself. He made two films, One more Time (1967) and Vite (1969), and a was commissioned a work for line two of the Tolosa de Llenguadoc metro, inaugurated in 2007, four years after his death.

Brief Chronology

Daniel Pommereulle´s art is considered to be post Dadaism due to the use of objects, the happening resource and his taste for provocation. Described as an «objector» by Alain Jouffroy, Pommereulle suggests an «art of cruelty», aimed at expressing notions like cutting or decease. He uses materials like the scalpel, the razorblade, pieces of broken glass, sticks, fish hooks or barbed wire to create unpleasant, repulsive objects, aimed at –according to the artist– rendering violence and danger.

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Without Title, 2002, Pencil and gouache on paper 64 x 93 cm