The Stämpfli Foundation receives the works that extend its collection

These are 25 pieces that will be exhibited in the new halls won with the extension

The facilities of the Stämpfli Foundation have received today 25 works that expand their collection and will be exhibited in the three rooms won with the new enlargement. These are pieces, above all, by Pere Stämpfli, but also by other artists, such as Michel Tysblat, who have arrived from several points of Franca through a truck specially adapted for the transfer of pieces of art.

The new works expand the fund of the Stämpfli Foundation, which already exceeds 130 works, all donated by the authors, their descendants or depositors. The pieces that have arrived today will be exhibited, mainly, in the three new rooms of the Foundation, won thanks to the enlargement works promoted by the couple formed by Pere and Anna Maria Stämpfli.

Among the pieces incorporated into the fund of the Foundation and which have arrived today there are some significant paintings of the first period of Pere Stämpli, such as Autoportrait au raglan (1963), Tomate (1964) or Wildcat nº 2 (1970), plus several pieces of his tire set or other oils of geometrical compositions, such as Irvan (1985) or Pastel nº 31 sans titre (1996), among others. Some pieces are of large size and are moved internally thanks to the mechanical lift systems incorporated with the works of expansion.

With the three new rooms, the facilities of the Foundation will have six exhibition halls, mainly intended to showcase their permanent collection, but also to temporary exhibitions. In addition, the building has a warehouse room, a library space and documentation and access to the Auditorium of the Pere Stämpfli Cultural Space used by the Grup d’Estudis Sitgetà.

With the enlargement works, the Foundation has gone from 300 square meters to 800. As of next week, work will begin on the installation of the works, the placement of the last part of the signage and the introduction of the new circuits. Adaptation, lighting, conditioning and construction works ended last October. There is not yet an opening date for the enlargement, although it is planned before Easter, with the aim that the new contemporary art museum will be in full operation with the tourist season.