The Piece of the Month packs the Stämpfli Foundation

The Piece of the Month of March show, held on Friday July 23rd and dedicated to Pere Stämpfli’s work ‘Rouge Baiser’, filled the main room of the Stämpfli Foundation– Contemporary Art Museum. The artist himself, with the participation of Professor Ferran Martínez Sancho, presented a journey through his career and the evolution that led him to focus his work on the concepts of the automobile, the tire and printing.

With the support of images of his works and exhibitions, Stämpfli outlined the paths that his work has followed, as well as the universes it has revolved around. During his explanation, the Swiss artist pinpointed the processes that went into the creation of the Piece of the Month, his ‘Rouge Baiser’, made in 1966 and recreated in 2002. As he pointed out, this is the his first cut out work.

Stämpfli and Martínez presented the book ‘Peter Stämpfli by Bernard Vasseur’, published in Paris by Cercle d’art (2011) and that is a journey through the work and career of this artist now residing in Sitges. A Catalan version of the book was presented on Friday.

During the presentation of this event, the director of the Sitges Heritage Committee, Vinyet Panyella, stressed that it was the very first time the Piece of the Month was done with the attendance of its creator and she stated that she was pleased to add the Foundation’s collection to this initiative, that spotlights a piece from one of the town’s museums each month.