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Mark Brusse donates seven pieces to the Foundation

The Stämpfli Foundation’s collection has just reached a hundred works of art, thanks to the latest donation: one made by Dutch artist Mark Brusse, who presented seven pieces to the collection which have been added to the one donated by Gérard-Titus Carmel a few months ago. The seven works by Brusse are the paintings Volcano


Peter Klasen
Parcours 1961 – 2016

From 11th Juin to 11 th December 2016  Based on a small retrospective, the Parcours 1961 – 2016 exhibition includes thirty pieces dating from 1961 to present and are characteristic of Peter Klasen’s way of doing things, based on the use of his own codes to show the fragility of our society. The first room,


Stämpfli Foundation artists complete the programming at diverse museums and galleries

The artists who are a part of the Stämpfli Foundation’s collection are the key players for a 2016 loaded with interesting proposals, regarding both individual and group exhibitions or other installations with co-participation. A large number of the sixty-odd artists who make up the Foundation’s collection have been and are outstanding billings in recent months

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Peter Knapp’s photography takes over the Stämpfli Foundation

The exhibition presents approximately eighty different pieces by this international guiding light in photography The multifaceted Peter Knapp will be taking center stage at the Stämpfli Foundation’s upcoming exhibition, L’homme est partout, opening on 20 November and which will be picking up the torch from Jacques Monory’s paintings. This will be the Foundation’s sixth exhibit