Stämpfli Foundation artists complete the programming at diverse museums and galleries

The artists who are a part of the Stämpfli Foundation’s collection are the key players for a 2016 loaded with interesting proposals, regarding both individual and group exhibitions or other installations with co-participation. A large number of the sixty-odd artists who make up the Foundation’s collection have been and are outstanding billings in recent months at exhibitions in different places.

Two weeks ago, Miguel Chevalier (who que exhibited Power Pixels 2014 at the Stämpfli Foundation two years ago) was responsible for a spectacular staging at Piccadilly Circus, in London, with his triple installation Complex Meshes 2016, Origin of World 2016 and Pixels Wave 2016. Chevalier also participated in the exhibition A brief History of the Future, housed by the Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, in Brussels, and until just before Christmas he was exhibiting Méta-Territoires at the Galerie Fernand Léger, Ivry-sur-Seine, where he explored urban transformations through an audiovisual installation.

TomCarrAnother of the artists who has exhibited at the Stämpfli Foundation, Jacques Monory, is also showing a sample from his collection at the Château du Val Fleury until 21 February. Under the title Tragédies Monory, it is an update of the dramatic dimension of this famous French artist’s work.

Intensity also marks the calendar of Jacques Villeglé, who is currently exhibiting approximately fifty works at the Musée de Morlaix. Villeglé, who last year was also responsible for a show at the Musée de Louviers about the sociopolitical ties of his alphabet, is preparing an important exhibition at the Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain in Saint-Étienne – Métropole, entitled Mémoires, which constitutes a complete review of his career. Mémoires opens on 5 March. At the Espace Jacques Villeglé in Saint-Gratin, the work of Jean Pierre Raynaud will be on display until 19 March.

On the other hand, Icelandic artist Erro –who was the star of the very first monographic exhibition at the Stämpfli Foundation in 2012– was one of the heads of the bill at the new Centre Pompidou (Malaga) with the show Mecacollages. In 2015 he was also the guest artist at the MAC in Lyon and currently has work that’s a part of the group show Picasso Mania, at the Gran Palais in Paris, along with a long list of masters of contemporary art like David  Hockney, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol or Jean-Michel Basquiat.

FromangerTwo weeks ago was the closing of Eduardo Arroyo’s show La force du destin, at the Hôtel des Arts in Toulon. Pierre Buraglio is also currently closing three exhibitions: Recto verso, at the Fondazione Prada in Milan, with Daniel Dezeuze; and A+B+C, at the Bea-Ba Gallery in Marseille. Buraglio and another of the Foundation’s artists, Christian Jaccard, are sharing spaces with Vincent Bioulès and Louis Cane at the Musée de Abbaye Sainte-Croix (Sables d’Olonne), in a show that opened last week and will be on until 29 May.

Tom Carr is the key contemporary art player in Catalonia. Last spring he brought Shadows to the Picasso Museum, a performance that is a part of the travelling show Tom Carr. Echoes of Carles Buïgas, an innovative, technological installation that will be on at the Terrassa Cultural Center in November and December. On 14 February, Carr is opening the show Dualities at the Vila Casas Foundation.

Another artist with a busy calendar is Robert Combas, who just recently closed two exhibitions, one at the Centre d’Art Contemporain in Châtellerault, and another along with Alexis Harding in Bourg-en-Bresse; and he is presently presenting a third one at the Musée du Touquet, in Paris. Robert Combas, Jacques Villeglé and Peter Klasen, precisely, are three of the artists who have participated in the initiative Artistes à la une at the Palais de Tokyo, inspired by the Libération newspaper and with the proceeds going to Reporters Sense Fronteres.

MarkBrusseUntil 28 February, Jean-Luc Parant is the key player in the Une œuvre, une exposition section at the Musée Paul Valéry, in Sète, with Mémoire du merveilleux, while Jean-Michel Sanejouand is also participating in the group show All over, opening on the 24th at the Galerie des Galeries in Paris. And J.M. Meurice is showing at Studio LeFresnoy and will be at LAAC Musées de Dunkerque, next October.

Carlos Cruz Díez currently has his Espace Expression installation open in Miami, bringing together a painstaking selection of chromatic colors and transitions that are a part of his two-dimensional research. At the end of the year, he’ll be participating in another interesting staging at the Daelim Museum, along with other artists.

One of the big artistic events of the year is the exhibition that Gérard Fromanger will be opening next week at the Centre Pompidou, with approximately fifty works made between 1964 and 2015, in a non-chronological journey from the depths of his creation. Another important billing is the very first monographic exhibition by MASI Lugano, dedicated to Markus Raetz, which opened two weeks ago and that will remain open until 1 May. Still echoing in artistic milieus is the important show that the EDF Foundation dedicated to Pol Bury’s work a few months ago.

StampfliLast week, Mark Brusse opened La posse d’un lapin at Louis Carré & Cia, in Paris, one of the city’s most prestigious galleries and where a long list of Foundation artists have displayed their work. Antoni Taulé is currently exhibiting a triple show in three venues in Paris: The Cervantes Institute, the Boa Gallery and the Photo12 Galérie.

A few days ago, Piotr Kowalski closed his show Eppur si muove at the Mudam Luxembourg, which had been open since last summer, while Jean le Gac was exhibiting until a few days ago at Bernard Chauchet Contemporary Art in London, Jean-Jacques Lebel participated in the group show Psilocybine at the Musée Singer-Polignac, Olivier Mosset at the VNH Gallery in Paris, Vladimir Velickovic at the Musée de l’Hospice Saint-Roch, and Niele Toroni at the Musée d’Art Moderne in Ville de Paris and the Swiss Institute in New York.

Finally, Peter Stämpfli presented both in Geneva and Paris (and this upcoming 1 April in Sitges) his monograph L’oeuvre de Peter Stämpfli, written by Daniel Abadie and published by Éditions Hazan. On the occasion of this presentation he exhibited at the Zannettacci Gallery in Geneva and is currently doing so at the Musée d’Art et Histoire in Fribourg, as well as screening his films Film implosion at the Fri Art Kunsthalle Fribourg.


  1. Miguel Chevalier
  2. Tom Carr
  3. Mark Brusse
  4. Gérard Fromanger
  5. Peter Stämpfli